Noodle Bowls

Noodle Bowls

Noodle Bowls

Noodle Bowls are deep, round bowls ideal for serving noodles immersed in soup. View our wide range of Noodle Bowls perfect for Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese restaurants. Find below some of the best Noodle Bowls available in Australia. Fast shipping to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth & Newcastle. See more Bowls

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Noodle Bowls in Australia 

Noodles are a staple cuisine eaten around the world. Noodles bowls are vital to serving noodles and Petra have you covered. Our noodle bowls can also be used as cereal bowls, soup bowls, or ramen bowls and more.

The cost of Noodle Bowls are based on the following factors:

1.) Material

2.) Manufacturing Method

3.) Size

4.) Brand

5.) Style / Shape / Design

Petra offers Noodle bowls at $38. Perfect for all bars, restaurants, hotels, cafes and even personal use.

A bowl is most commonly used to prepare and serve food, and is most typically a round container or dish. The standard bowl's interior has the shape characteristically like a half sphere. Having the bottom and the edges form a seamless curve. This allows bowls to be great for holding soup and loose food. The exterior of the bowl is usually round, but can be made into other shapes, such as square or triangular. The size of the bowl can depend on the application, such as smaller bowls for single serving of food, but a larger sized bowl will be needed for shared foods like salads.


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