Having the right glass is key to serving a beverage. There are many types of glasses which can make it confusing especially when starting a new hospitality business. To exemplify wine glasses require specific serving procedures to reach its full flavour. Each wine glass is made especially for a particular wine so it is important to understand their use. Read below at the various types of glasses and their uses.


One of the most popular cocktail glasses is a martini glass used specially for… you guess it, martinis. Shaped like a V, it can be used for various cocktail recipes making it essential in a pub or bar.

Drinks: Daiquiri, Cosmopolitan, Martini, Lemon Drop


It features a small, secondary bowl in the centre that gives it a little extra volume and some aesthetic flair. The glass is wide so that the rim can be coated in salt and sugar to accent the drink. View our range of quality Cocktail Glasses.

Drink: Margarita


Hurricane Glasses are shaped like an old-fashioned lamp designed to hold fruity concoctions. It is perfectly adaptable, tall and elegantly cut.

Drinks: Pina Colada, Scorpion Bowl, Hurricane, Tri-star


Mason jars can serve a lot of functions when it comes to cocktails, like holding syrups and making infused spirits, but they've also become popular as serving glasses in their own right.

Drinks: Mini Wapatui, Margaritas


Champagne glasses are typically designed with narrow bowls to help limit the loss of carbonation. Symbolic for celebration, it is perfect for events and essential in any bar or restaurant. View our wide range of Champagne glasses.

Drinks: Bellini, Mimosa, Sparkling Wine, Champagne


Designed with a larger rim for smelling the aroma while sipping the wine and to ensure that the wine comes in contact with more air.

Drinks: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz


The stemmed glasses keep chilled wine cooler longer and is designed with a smaller rim to allow aromas to be released while maintaining its temperature.

Drinks: Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Aperol Spritz


Short, cylindrical tumbler glass with thick base used for serving straight liquors on ice or stylish cocktails. Take a look at Hi balls & Tumblers to view our amazing range of durable tumblers.

Drinks: Old Fashioned, Vodka Greyhound, Sazerac


Short, wide, stemmed glass used to serve brandy. It resembles an extraordinarily squat wine glass, with a voluminous bowl and low centre of gravity. Designed with two purposes in mind: evaporation and concentration of aromas.

Drinks: Brandy, Burning Berry, Sacred Cenote


These glasses resemble red wine glasses, only they are slightly smaller in size and are made to hold fortified wines that have a strong aroma.

Drinks: Port, Sherry


Tall glass tumbler that is most commonly used for cocktails served on the rocks, often with a high ratio of non-alcoholic mixer to spirit.

Drinks: Bloody Mary, Mojito, Long Island Iced Tea


The classic beer glass a pint, schooner or midi are perfect for ale. Tall glasses with various sizes. Take a look at our range of Beer Glasses.

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