History on culinary uniforms and why they're important in the hospitality industry.

Chef Uniforms

In the world of gastronomy, the Chef is the artist and the food is their artwork. Wearing a Chef uniform carries a level of authority in the kitchen and allows a Chef to be respected as the artists they are. Check out Chef Jackets and Tunics 

The first known Chef Uniform in history dates back to 1822, depicted in a drawing by French artist Marie-Antoine Careme. The two Chef’s in the image are drawn side by side wearing double jackets, waist aprons, towels hanging from the aprons and the famous Chef hat. Shop our wide range of Chef Hats & Caps.

A Chef Uniform, unlike others has not changed much through time, the classic white hat and apron still symbolise the work of a Chef. Through time, workplace health and safety standards have become stricter, creating certain requirements for a Chef Uniform. A modern Chef uniform requires fire resistant clothing, a hair net or hat, appropriate shoes, and an apron. Chef uniforms have remained true to their original style and functionality and continue to stand the test of time.

From culinary graduates to world famous Cooks, a correct Chefs uniform is one of the most important pieces of working in a commercial kitchen. View our full range of Chef Uniforms.