7 Important Things For Chefs When Choosing Shoes.

Choosing the right Chef Footwear can be a task that most people overlook, as any chef would know it can be quite be confusing and timely. Not to worry! We have put together a guide of 7 essential things to consider when choosing your Kitchen shoes.

1. Comfort

This high intensity job often causes strain on joints and bones, especially after a busy day. Testing the level of comfort in your chef shoes before purchasing them is essential! High quality, supportive shoes will be equipped with a cochin or gel pad that creates back support and ease.  Comfortable Chef shoes, such as chef clogs and boots, take the pain out of standing up all day and night.Check out our unisex Slipbuster Dealer Boots - various sizes available.

2. Non-slip

The kitchen can be a hazardous workplace, with spillages and slippery floors at every turn. Slip resistant Chef shoes have a unique design with an outsole grip to prevent falling on a wet floor. Chef shoes that are not slip resistant do not comply with workplace health and safety standards, and have the potential to cause major injuries in the kitchen.

3. Water resistant

Spilling liquid in a kitchen is inevitable, especially on busy nights when work stations become extremely fast pace, it is difficult to avoid spills. Continuing work with wet shoes or socks can often be uncomfortable and lead to moisture based bacterial infections to grow on your feet. Water resistant materials such as leather, are ideal for Chef shoes. 

4. Protective

Sharp objects such as knifes and scissors are common tools for a Chef, and have a risk of falling at any time. Strong protective chef shoes allow protection of your feet and toes from heavy or sharp falling objects. A thick leather or slight steel cap create a protective layer and safeguard your Chef shoes. Check out our protective Birkenstock Boston Clog Black  - various sizes available.

5. Fire Resistant

Like every other part of the Chef uniform, shoes must be fire resistant! Burns and scalds are known to be some of the most common injuries in the kitchen. From heated equipment to boiling liquid, the risk of a fire is always high when working in a kitchen. Fire resistant Chef shoes prevent injury in the workplace.

6. Breathability  

When working at a fast pace in a crowded environment, the kitchen can become heated quickly. Foot sweat is unavoidable in these intense work situations, but much like wet shoes, this can become a breeding ground of fungal infections. Chef shoes made with premium leather offer the correct amount of breathability for comfort and keeping cool. 

7. Color that blends with the uniform

Although the most standard Chef shoe color is black, you can select a wide range of colors and styles from different brands. It is important to consider the dress code for your kitchen and ensure your chef shoes compliment your uniform nicely! Match your Chef shoes with stylish Chef jackets and Tunic